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Oslo Metropolitan University is Norway's third largest university with almost 22,000 students and over 2,500 employees. We have campuses in central Oslo and at Romerike. OsloMet educates students and conducts research that contributes to the sustainability of the Norwegian welfare state and the metropolitan region.

Oslo Metropolitan University is Norway's third largest university.

Oslo Metropolitan University has four faculties located at three campuses: Pilestredet, Sandvika and Kjeller.

MSCA Fellow - Responsible Innovation

Call for Expression of Interest for mutual application under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship scheme

We hereby invite for top-class researchers of any nationality (at any stage in their career) in the field of responsible research and innovation, governance of emerging science and technologies or related fields to apply for a collaborative Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship to conduct research at the HiOA Research Group on Responsible Innovation for a period of 1-2 years.

The ambition of the Research Group on Responsible Innovation is to deliver action oriented and policy relevant research of high academic standard in the areas of:

Ethical, legal and social aspects of emerging science and technologies (ELSA) Governance of innovation processes Responsible, participatory and integrated innovation processes Risk and uncertainty related to health, safety and environmental consequences of new technology development

Specific research interests of the Group include:

The philosophical foundation for sustainability and responsibility Methods and practices of transdisciplinarity, transparency and dialogue Concepts of innovation (such as innovation system approaches) and their implications for responsibility Institutional and structural conditions for (responsible) research and innovation, such codes of conducts, assessment practices, standards and patents Specific application fields such as biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, geo engineering and ICTs (including welfare technologies and big data)

We have a number of European and Norwegian projects related to these areas. See the Group’s blog pages for more information about staff and projects in the Group 

With this call for Expression of Interest we invite interested researchers to submit their resume (including publication list) and a short project description which will be the basis for selecting a maximum of three candidates with which we will collaborate in developing competitive Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship proposals. In this first phase, the cooperation will be carried out remotely, but with regular email and skype communication, and one physical meeting, if convenient. If any of the applicants are successful, the place of work will be at the Work Research Institute, HiOA main campus in the center of Oslo.   

Tasks and responsibilities

The successful candidate will primarily work on the Marie Curie funded project, but will be integrated into the Group, and the Work Research Institute in general, by taking part in regular meetings and discussion groups. If agreed with the candidate, he/she may also be included in other ongoing projects in the Group or in proposal processes.  


The candidates must as a minimum have a PhD in a relevant field, but we are primarily looking for more senior candidates who wish to use this period as an occasion to further develop their research and develop longer term research collaborations with HiOA and other institutions in the field. The candidates must be assessed as in principle eligible for a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship

Desired skills

We are looking for candidates with:

  • Research interests that match the interests of the Group and who would like to join us in our efforts in further developing the field of responsible of research and innovation (RRI), in theory and practice.
  • An excellent track record in research, necessary for being able to develop a competitive Marie Curie Fellowship application)
  • An open and cooperation oriented nature, but with strong abilities for independent academic work

We offer

Initially, we offer assistance in developing competitive Marie Curie Individual Fellowship proposals. For successful applicants to the Marie Curie program, we offer;

  • flexible working conditions
  • an inclusive and friendly work environment
  • unique academic network
  • the possibility for the right candidate(s) to pursue his/her academic goals under the auspices of the research group
  • Norwegian classes
  • Onboarding assistance and other services
HiOA has implemented the Charter & Code for researchers and been granted the HR Excellence in Research (HRS4) by the EU Commission.

Contact information

  • Pavan Sriram, R&D Support, pavan.sriram@hioa.no
  • Ellen-Marie Forsberg, Research Manager, ellenmarie.forsberg@afi.hioa.no


The competitive fellowship opportunities are 100% funded and include living and mobility allowances.

Evaluation committee

Interested candidates should upload their resume and a 4 page note describing the project for which a Marie Curie grant will be applied. The candidate(s) selected to proceed with a full Marie Curie application (due September) will be supported by the leader of the research group, Ellen-Marie Forsberg, and by the professional research administration staff at HiOA.

Originals must be presented if you are invited for an interview. HiOA performs document inspections in order to give you as a candidate a proper evaluation and ensure fair competition.

Proposals will be pre-selected based on internal evaluation and the availability of suitable supervision. A maximum of six candidates will be invited for a skype interview, and a maximum of three candidates will be invited to submit a proposal to the Marie Curie programme. Candidates will be informed of the results of the pre-selection by May 19th, 2017.

Selected candidates will be invited to meet the supervisor and visit the research environment at HiOA to further develop the proposal organised by HiOA in June 2017.

The position adheres to the Norwegian Government’s policy that the national labour force should to the greatest possible extent reflect the diversity of the population. Therefore, we encourage qualified candidates with immigrant background or reduced functional ability to apply for this position. HiOA is an IA (Inclusive Workplace) enterprise and operates in compliance with the Norwegian IA agreement. Questions about adaptation and the working environment may be directed to the contact persons.

Final date of application:   April 25th, 2017

Ref. no:   17/02682                                    

Type of employment Temporary position (shorter than 10 days)
Contract type Full time
First day of employment Agreement depending on grant
Salary Estimated Euro 80,000 annual
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100%
City HiOA main campus at Pilestredet 46, Oslo
County Oslo
Country Norway
Reference number 17/02682
  • Ellen-Marie Forsberg, Research Manager, ellenmarie.forsberg@afi.hioa.no
  • Pavan Sriram, R & D support, pavan.sriram@hioa.no
Published 28.Mar.2017
Last application date 25.Apr.2017 11:59 PM CEST

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